Tips To Save Your Android Smartphone Battery, iPhone

Nowadays, the smartphones available on the market are bigger, they offer more and more chips and sensors of all kinds. Their battery does not grow proportionally in size so far, at least not enough to be able to have a desired autonomy. Here are some tips for improving the battery life of your Android and iPhone smartphone to avoid running out of battery before the end of the day.

How to save the battery of your Smartphone

Reduce the brightness of your Android, iPhone manually:

The screens of our Android and iPhone smartphones are getting bigger and therefore consume a lot of energy. You can choose the automatic brightness adjustment if your phone has the brightness sensor, but it consumes energy to detect the ambient brightness that prevails in the environment where you are ...

Lower Android iPhone brightness

In addition, think about setting the standby of your screen, in other words the time your screen will turn off if you do not touch it. If set to 1 minute, you can, for example, lower it to 15 or 30 seconds.

However, the best solution is once again to use the power control widget on which you can choose several settings. Convenient for maximizing brightness when dazzled by sunlight, or at least in dark environments.

Control your connections (Wifi, Bluetooth, ...) and disable the vibrations:

Other elements that consume a lot of batteries include different Wi-Fi connections, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC or mobile data (3G and 4G). You will find in your widgets a bar often called "control of the food" which will allow you to not have to enter in the parameters and thus to activate or deactivate in the blink of an eye all these options.

Disable wireless connections Android iPhone

If you want to surf the internet with your smartphone, always favor a Wi-Fi connection to the mobile network. In fact, the mobile network sends a stronger and less stable signal that consumes more battery power than when you are connected in Wi-Fi, whether in public places or at home.

Apps to improve the autonomy of your Android:

The Google Play and the App Store are full of applications that aim to save your battery, and this goes from the free application to premium, very well rated and at least good .. We offer in this post an application Android that is worth using. The list is long.

Deep Sleep Battery Saver (Google Play: Android)

Deep Sleep Battery Saver

The operation of the application is rather simple. When your device is idle, the application will cut off all tasks and network connections (WiFi, 3G, GPS etc.). The application offers 6 different profiles: soft, strong, balance, aggressive, sleeper and a custom mode.

Free download Deep Sleep Battery Saver

As you can see, there are many ways to improve the performance and battery life of your Android or iPhone smartphone. If each of his tips saves you a few minutes a day, the addition could save you a few extra hours and therefore delay the time of the next recharge of your Smartphone.

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