How to Rotate an Android Video Easily

It's easy to shoot a video with an Android phone or iPhone, but sometimes it's less than rotating it.

Recently, a friend sent me holiday videos from his Android smartphone. Alas, he filmed holding his phone horizontally and when I started to play the video on my Android phone, the video was not in the right direction (in reverse) ... Not very convenient , especially that even on a conventional computer the video was there as poorly displayed (portrait format rather than landscape format).

There are several ways to do it, here is one available for Androïd. Know that a simple application can turn the tide and can rotate the video as you want!

Rotate a video in Android

Rotating a video with Google Photos on Android

Already preinstalled on most Android devices otherwise you can download the application via the link below on your Play Store, Google Photos allows you in a few clicks to edit a video and of course rotate it to 90 ° or 180 °, as you wish.

Télécharger Google Photos

Rotate a video with the Google Photos app

To easily rotate a video with the Google Photos Android app, simply follow these simple steps:
  • Click on your video, a menu will appear then click on the icon Modify (materialized by a pencil)
  • Then, tap Rotate at the bottom right of the app. Press as many times as needed to make the video appear as you like, with each click rotating 90 °
  • The last thing to do is click Save at the top right of the Google Photos app.

The edited video will be saved in the same directory as the original video which will also be preserved (so it will not be erased). The new video will have the same name with the only difference that it will have ~ 2 added to its name that you could rename well after if you want it.

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