Find Free Proxy Servers, Free and Anonymous Internet Connection

Nowadays, have more and more use of free proxy servers online to surf the internet for free, unlimited and especially anonymously on the internet.

In this article we will present in a general way a proxy server, how to obtain it free of charge and the configuration of a proxy server in your browser in order to benefit with complete peace of mind of all the privileges that offer you this tool. Without further ado, let's get to the heart of the matter.

Find free proxy servers online

What is a proxy server ?

A proxy server is a remote computer or a module that serves as an intermediary between a web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, ...) and the Internet. On the Internet, there are different types of proxy exist. The most common are HTTP proxies. They support HTTP and FTP protocols.

Proxy servers are typically used to optimize web performance by storing copy of frequently used web pages and enhancing security by filtering certain web content, bypassing the firewall of some Internet Service Providers, and malware. Proxy servers also reinforce the anonymity of users who would like to go unnoticed and without forgetting free and unlimited internet.

How to use a free proxy server online?

To use a proxy server, nothing is easier. I propose Three effective methods:
  • The first method is to manually configure the proxy
  • The second is to use the AnonymoX extension.
  • And the third is the installation of the functional Hidemyass proxy for all browsers.

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List of some free proxy servers

When you can not get premium proxy servers that are usually of better quality, here is a list of free proxy servers online:
  • HideMyAss
  • Letushide

I think this minimal information regarding the use and configuration of free proxy servers will improve your view of anonymity on the internet as well as free and unlimited internet.

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